How to get to Heraklion, Crete

The airport Nikos Kazantzakis (airport Code: HER heraklion-airport.info) is the only one in Heraklion. Heraklion has about 5 direct flights per day from Athens (ATH) and 2 direct flights per day from Thessaloniki (SKG). Indicative search for flights to Heraklion can be made using: travel.viva.gr
Heraklion harbor is located close to the city. There are two major shipping companies on the line: Athens-Heraklion. Minoan lines and ANEK lines provide daily service from and towards Crete. There are taxis available as well as buses near the harbor. If you would like to rent a car, you will find a number of rental agencies in the city center (15-20 minutes’ walk or 2 minutes by taxi). Indicative search for ferries to Heraklion can be made using: travel.viva

Discover Heraklion Crete

Here seasons are mixed…Spring, summer and autumn, the weather predisposes you to come and live new experiences during your holidays. An island for everyone…families, young couples, carefree groups of friends as well as intrepid, inquisitive travelers for whom the sea and sun is just the beginning. Whatever type of traveler you are, Crete will reward you. Gastronomy, luxury, hospitality, culture and civilization, action, adventure and, of course, gorgeous exotic beaches. We will take a short trip to one of the numerous experiences you can have…let’s take a tour around the district of Heraklion…

Your Aegean jetliner approaches the international airport of Heraklion banking round over the port of Hersonisos and then hugging the north coastline in a westbound direction. Nearing Heraklion, the Venetian walls can be seen from above creating the impression that time itself is reversing… but once on the ground you realize the city wants for none of the modernity and vitality that characterizes many of its counterparts… excellent food, no end of cafes and bars, festivals, wine exhibitions, and for culture buffs, important sights such as “Koules”, the Roman fortress-prison at the entrance of the port; Agios Titos square with the wonderful church which used to be a mosque until 1920; Loggia, the noblemen’s club during the Venetian occupation, as well as the museum of history and archaeology. In addition, just 5 kilometres outside Heraklion, stands the most imposing and impressive legacy of the Minoan civilization; the labyrinthine palace of Minos, the king of Crete, covering an expanse of 20,000 square metres.

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Rimondi Grand Hotel

Rimondi Grand Hotel

Address: Old National Road Rethymno – Heraklion, Nea Magnisia 740 52
Phone: 2834 093250
Room Rate: €100/per day
Babis Hotel

Babis Hotel

Address: Skaleta PB 5167, Rethymno 741 00
Phone: 2831 071193
Room Rate: €96/per day
Dedalos Beach Hotel

Dedalos Beach Hotel

Address: Sfakaki Pagkalochoriou, Sfakaki 74100, Rethymno 741 00
Phone: 2831 073036
Room Rate: €84/per day
Hotel Orion

Hotel Orion

Address: Rethymno Bo B Goúrnes, Adelianos Kampos 741 00
Phone: 2831 071471
Room Rate: €51/per day

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